"The Assault Support Patrol Boat (ASPB) was specially constructed for use by the riverine forces. It was also designed to serve as a minesweeper and was fitted with a mine countermeasure chain drag. Lighter and faster than the Monitor, the ASPB was not as heavily armed or armored. It carried a single 20mm cannon and twin .50 caliber machine guns or 20mm cannon in two turrets, one in the bow, and one atop the superstructure. The 81mm mortar was mounted in the stern and a combination of 7.62mm machine guns or Mark 18 grenade launchers were also carried in place of the mortar. The ASPB had a unique underwater exhaust system that made it the quietest of the riverine boats.

The ASPB was employed for ambushes, patrols, special operations, reconnaissance, and escort missions. Later in the war, pairs of single .50 caliber machine guns replaced the 7.62mm machine guns on the stern while the forward gun turret received eight 3.5-inch rocket launchers (Mk 47) mounted on their sides. Linked to the machine guns the rocket launchers could be targeted by elevating or depressing the machine guns and traversing the turret."

from www.warboats.org

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ASPB - Assault Support Patrol Boat

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